Dead Simple File Transfers

Upload File

curl --upload-file file.txt

Upload File With Password

curl --upload-file file.txt -H "Password: yourpassword"

Getting Started

It's too easy to get started with -- all you need is a terminal window that supports curl and a file that you want to upload

Ready? Let's Do This

When you're ready to upload a file, just open your terminal window and type the following:

curl --upload-file path/to/file.txt

When your file is done being uploaded, a link to your file will be in your terminal window.

Advanced Options

When you want a little bit more flexibility and control

Password Protection

We give you the option to add a password to be able to download your files. To enable it, just add -H "Password: yourpassword" to the upload command

curl --upload-file path/to/file.jpeg -H "Password: yourpassword"

Rename File on Upload

If you want to rename your file during upload, just give us the new name when you are calling

curl --upload-file path/to/file.gif

Downloading with curl

Not only can you upload files to with curl, you can download too by adding the -L flag and declaring where to save the file

curl -L > filename.txt

curl -L -H "Password: yourpassword" > path/to/

E-mail the file to yourself

You may e-mail a convenient download link to yourself by adding the e-mail header

curl --upload-file path/to/file.jpeg -H "Email:"

Of course you can combine this together with a password

curl --upload-file path/to/file.jpeg -H "Password: yourpassword" -H "Email:" Newsletter

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